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Best afternoon tea set…ever – Aman Tokyo’s Lounge

Aman Tokyo’s Black fashion oriented afternoon tea is a feast for the senses.   The striking handcrafted Japanese black bamboo trays houses Tokyo’s best tea set.

Starting with an amuse bouche (edamame mousse and tomato jelly), then an interesting take on the traditional sandwiches with a lemon dill egg with asparagus and charcoal bun roast beef composition, and a generous amount of pastries, including seasonal melon and pumpkin tarts and a Kyoho globe grape chou.  You can have them remove the adzuki beans from the top of the very buttery and symmetrical green tea scones.  They were gracious enough to bring me plain green tea scones on the side.

The real stars of the afternoon are the high heel and handbag chocolates.  62% Brazilian cacao heel with lime and caramel filling.  The delicate and precision crafting.  Look at the ornament on the top of the shoe and the delicate shoe straps.   The handbag (with handles) is a dark chocolate masterpiece housing fresh cream with top grade fresh berries.   The chocolate hat with mint jellies is well-crafted as well but its handbags and shoes that elicit the greatest sugois and kawaiis from Tokyo’s finest.   All are simply out of this world!  Hats off to master Patissier Miyagawa-san for creating Tokyo’s most wanted oba-san tea set.

All of this went well with a delicious warm cappuccino and Lite and Late Ceylon black tea.  They also have a selection of non-alcoholic seasonal cocktails that you can add on for ¥1200.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.33.24 AM.png


The service at the Lounge is a bit of letdown, the staff aren’t always paying attention and flagging them down takes multiple looks and waves.  They did fulfill my special request about the adzuki bean toppers but lose marks for not being so attentive when we needed a hot water refill.

Aman’s lounge is in a beautifully constructed, but sprawling lobby lounge/bar area.   Don’t expect to just walk-in and have tea.  These slots usually get fully booked up by the ladies who lunch WELL in advance so I recommend doing this as soon as you make your hotel booking or before your Tokyo trip.


Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.36.01 AM.png

¥10000 ++ well spent

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