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Ritz Carlton Tokyo spa: the best way to spend a rainy afternoon

In my opinion, there is no better place in Tokyo to indulge a rainy Fall afternoon than at the spa in The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.  Truly an urban oasis with all kinds of baths, the requisite scenic views of Tokyo tower and opulence in every sense of the word.   Fluffiest spa towels I’ve ever had and they don’t skimp on them either in the treatment rooms.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.50.08 PM.png

The treatment rooms are a sensory experience, with the Japanese washi paper designs throughout the room, soothing ambient music that lulls you to sleep, dim relaxing lighting that aids in said sleep, and finally a therapist so refined in the massage and facial arts that the first and last thing you see is her face when you wake up from your very expensive slumber.

I was running late and didn’t have time to peruse the entire spa menu so I missed the Sodashi part.  I adore Sodashi and their chem free treatments.  The thermal mask facial is a particular favorite and I’m sad to have not seen it.  I was semi-running all the way from the taxi cab from a nail trip in Ginza and actually arrived 10 minutes.  Oops.

The most disappointing thing was to come home from the facial/body treatment and have two things happen from the treatment 1) the after smell from the ESPA oil is really bad.  It has a nauseating smell when it stays on the body 2) break outs in certain spots from the ESPA facial.  I really dislike ESPA but I rush chose the 90 min facial, body combo and that’s on me.  Grrr.

SODASHI and Sodashi only if spaing at Ritz Carlton Tokyo!  Also, come 1.5 hours early so you can enjoy the spa facilities BEFORE your treatment.  I just got to see them after I was done and it really was a pity.:((





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