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Hyatt Regency Danang: Vie Spa review 

We stayed for three days at the Hyatt Regency Danang in an up and coming part of Vietnam.   It’s a very solid 4 star property but nothing more.  The spa beautifully designed in that Southeast Asia tropical way but a poor work ethic and some questionable attitudes bring it down in my eyes.

It could,  also be closer to the resort with clearer signs on how to get there from the rooms and common areas.

What I loved :

Outdoor bath for treatment rooms

I didn’t get time to use it but looks solo inviting!

The not-so-good

1. Bait and Switch and the adamant receptionist

I don’t like being told there’s one thing available and then it disappearing.  I thought I had successfully changed to a Four Hands treatment on the phone but the receptionist almost threatened my husband that I needed to come now for the previously planned 90 mind couple treatment.  I was fully immersed in my book by the pool.   IM NOT HOPSTEPPING because receptionist threatens to charge me for a no-show.  Her attitude was horrible for a wannabe 5 star resort.

This all,  eventually,  got sorted out by DH and management but it set the tone for the treatments to come.

2. That Diamond discount

It basically covers your tax and service  charge (barely). It’s still a pricey treatment for this developing country at 141USD.

3. Four Hands half of the time

The first 10 mins were… orgasmic, heavenly but it went downhill from there.   I think the other therapist left at around 45 mins.  Synchronized massaging must be hard but don’t offer something as a signature item and don’t deliver a great treatment.

4. Mid range facial products

Vie Spa also uses June Jacobs products, which,  I’m not the biggest fan of so be aware of that for your facials.

5. No accompaniment

No one comes to get you or sees you off back to your room/out of the spa.  They also throw away your footspa water when you’re being treated.   I guess you need to stay at a 5* resort to get escorted to/from the room.

2.5 stars out of 5

Verdict : It’s cheap enough compared to Tokyo, Seoul but it’s premiumly priced in Danang. The spa should improve its service flaws and it’d be a better, more polished one.  The therapists have great technique (very strong and firm hands) but let down by their poor attitude to service.

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