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Tokyo 2015 Fall spaing Part II (better than Part 1!)

While my other half does the work thing with the 2015 Tokyo International Boring…err Motor show.  I’ll be taking this spa show on the road of some of Tokyo and Kanagawa’s best spas 🙂


1. IZUMI spa at Hyatt Regency Hakone

2. AO Spa at Andaz Tokyo

3. Ritz Carlton Tokyo spa

Wanted to but won’t. they charge non-guests ¥11,000 to use the spa.
Who does that?

I just don’t like when hotels do that because spaists are typically of a certain income bracket and going to shell out for a day of pampering.  A surcharge penalty for not being a hotel guest is wrong.

Oh, and, Ritz Carlton corporate needs to update spa menu for Tokyo.  I read, heard, saw (here: Ritz Carlton Tokyo changes to Sodashi (Japanese) and here: Ritz Carlton Tokyo Press release! From the Lion’s mouth itself) through the luxury spa grapevine that they use Sodashi products now:

Ritz Carlton Tokyo’s (old) spa menu  ===> FAIL that this is still up and nothing has been updated.

(Available in Japanese though!?)

3.1 The Spa @ Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

Ayuko is always very accommodating and welcoming.  They don’t charge Miss Spaist extra even though she’s staying else where.  Huzzah! 💕💕😄


  1. Dario says

    Great list. Would have loved for you to sample Aman Tokyo’s Spa, but maybe on a future visit! Would be interesting to know how they are doing…

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