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March Chappies: a Spaist mini Lip balm review


today’s contestants… The French, the Belgian and the Texan


A small “what’s in your purse” lip balm review.   After traveling in planes, changing temperatures and admittedly drying, arid hotel rooms – Miss Spaist’s lips need some refreshment and into the purse we go.

Our first challenger from Paris, France.  Weighing in at 10g.  CHANEL’s Hydra Beauty Nourishing lip care!


This is the most expensive lip balm of the lot but you get what you pay for.  Highly rated by the ladies at with 4.3 lippies and deservedly so.

-unbelievable hydration and staying power
-transparent with no fake flavoring, scents
-no waxy, petroleum jelly texture

-unisex as Mr. Spaist uses it

-last a long while too.  a little goes a long way.

-jar packaging!
-glossy, cheap feeling plastic container unlike Rouge Coco
-well, price, but there’s ways to get around like *ahem Korean Lotte duty free (

Our next challenger from Mons,  Belgium.  Weighing in at 9g.

Kerstin Florian’s Sun Lip Balm.

worst lip balm I’ve used in my life!

This lip balm comes from a brand with incredible pedigree as it’s used and sold at spas all over the world.  The end results were surprising to say the least.

SPF for sunny winter and summer days
-scent free

-incredibly DRYING to the lips in my numerous experiences
-no staying power, evaporated quite quickly
-needed continuous reapplication

NOTE:  I’m not sure if this was due to a bad individual item or just a bad product period.  I don’t really want to waste my $15 to find out again though.

Last but not least.
Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip balm – Grapefruit and Ginger,  SPF 25.  Weighing in at 7g from the United States.



This was an impulse buy at the cashiers in Sephora.  I thought, “hey, why not just get another lip balm for the collection.”  It was cheap enough and evoked my senses with warm tones from grapefruit and ginger.

-tube packaging
-decent staying power
-CHANEL like hydration and smooth texture
-SPF 25 for longer sun protection

-size to price ratio
-masculine packaging and colors.  Doesn’t bother me but could other people.

VERDICT: Chanel wins by a whisker but only because it’s that darn good.  Jack Black does a reasonable facsimile and could probably be used as  a daytime lip balm (that’s what I do).  Whereas, Chanel can be kept for the nighttime before bed.

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