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The art of spaing: Rules 10, 10a) and 10b) conceived by Park Hyatt Busan

Until we get the Emergency Spa Therapist Hologram (ESTH), spa therapists are only human and will make mistakes.  Boy, they do make mistakes from time to time and this blog is right here to help them get better:)

Well, let me tell you what happened earlier tonight at Park Hyatt Busan’s Lumi Spa…

Miss Spaist’s regular therapist was off today but I wanted to give Lumi spa’s other therapists a try.  This being Hyatt, you figure, that all therapists will be highly trained, highly capable and highly motivated. None of these things happened today.

If the receptionist tells you they share your body info among therapists, just kindly nod and make sure you explain your condition to the therapist. Reinterate that “x” body part or area needs covering and don’t be afraid to correct them.  NEVER go with the flow.

Also, it would be helpful if the massage process could be standardized among therapists with less freewheeling going on. For example, if one therapist does my decollete in downward strokes then a next therapist should try to follow the same routine.

Same goes for the mixing procedures because they all need to be up to speed. One shouldn’t do it in 5 mins and the other takes 10-12 mins.

Long story shortened for the sake of it being 1am Korean time:  Lumi spa’s therapist today got a lot of product into my eyes and turned me into Sleepy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Couldn’t even make it through the awful Dining Room dinner but that’s a story for someone else’s blog.

Spaist Tips 10, 10a) and 10b) of the Day

10.  Spa info sharing between therapists is probably a crock.  No one can do your treatments like your personal masseur or facialist.  NOBODYYYY!

10a)  Don’t get product in your eyes.  You’ll either turn out like Sleepy here or irritated, red eyed like you just flew in from Dubai.

10b) If your therapist takes 10 minutes to mix the facial mask then you’re probably in trouble.

When product gets in Miss Spaist’s eyes.  Goodbye world.

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