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Bespoke in Seoul: Anne Sémonin facial at Grand Hyatt Seoul

When something new spa related comes to town then I’m usually the first in line to try it out.

Therefore, it was only natural that I go to the Grand Hyatt to try out their new Anne Sémonin bespoke ice cube serum facial.  I’m a sucker for all things spa related.

This facial claims to get to know my skin like my best friend and then put everything right that’s wrong with it.  Parisian beauty brand Anne Sémonin is all about customization to create a truly personal facial.  I was intrigued to see whether what they offered was any more bespoke than anything else I’ve had in other high end spas around the world.

My skin was analyzed under a lamp by my therapist, who decided I needed a soothing, balancing facial. But rather than just selecting a specific type of products, she began to blend ingredients and create the products herself.  This is the bespoke part that I appreciate more than spas where they just cleanse, exfoliate, lavish your face and done.


I really enjoyed the facial; it felt extremely relaxing and indulgent, but with a nice amount of firmer massage thrown in (a must for any good facial, in my opinion).  My therapist did an exfoliation for penetration then a chlorella algae mask for purification. The coup de grace was the oil serum massage that included my all-time favorite décolleté lymphatic drainage.

The Grand Hyatt staff always do this to perfection and it was one of the things I missed when I was in Europe.  The plant-active products smelt and felt amazing, and the knowledge that everything put on my face had been blended with my skin in mind definitely gave it the personal touch.

Minor issues

The crown of the Anne Semonin facial are these little ice cubes of frozen serum that is applied after the toner onto your face.  I liked the chilling concept but felt like the ice cubes were melting too quickly.  There’s no way to control their melting at room temperature and some ran off behind my ears.

I think for this kind of facial that the therapist needs to be like a car waxer and either a) spread the excess liquid over the face using an applicator or glove


b) “squeegee” wipe the excess serum in a clockwise fashion until the motions and air lets the serum penetrate into the skin.  This might add on some time but would guarantee none goes to waste on the floor.

Three Anne Semonin Precious Serums out of Four

Serum ice cubes

Serum ice cubes

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