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Shangri-La Tokyo – always comes through

Shangri-La – a name as synonymous with relaxation as it is with luxury hotels in the leading cities of the world.   If you follow my blog then you know I’m a huge fan of the CHI spa and Shangri-La Tokyo.  They should probably start paying me for all the free publicity. (*cough* senior management)


I’m running out of words for this spa.  The CHI spa is (like most Tokyo hotel spas) on the 37th floor and is accessible via its own dedicated lifts.  They, coincidentally serve, as the room elevators as well.  You can pop along in your robes without walking through any main restaurants, lobbies and other public spaces.  I’ve said enough about the décor, design and feel in previous reviews: found here (May 2014: http://missspaist.com/2014/05/06/shangri-la-tokyo-serene-spa-ing-among-the-trains-at-tokyo-station) (http://missspaist.com/2014/08/30/time-away-oh-joy-oh-bliss-tokyo-shangri-la-chi-spa/)

I would describe CHI spa as a calming, welcoming place with a very friendly, service orientated staff.  There’s a classical elegance to the reception and relaxation area where you can take tea and enjoy some post treatment nibbles.  The bespoke green tea is a must.  Shang, the bear, can attest to that in the photo.

The water facilities are as you expect – an indoor pool, onsen bath (no view), sauna and small but bustling fitness room.  State of the art cardiovascular and exercise equipment lets those business travellers and fitness member guests get their work out in.


The CHI spa menu is vast – so, to get the full experience I opted for one of their unique signature treatments.  Kisetsu is a seasonal treatment that envelopes many of the Shangri-La Tokyo’s best services and Japanese local ingredients.  Honey and organic brown sugar is the basis for the autumn ritual.  You can read more about it here:  http://www.shangri-la.com/tokyo/shangrila/health-leisure/chi-the-spa/offers/details/kisetsu-ritual-autumn-90-minutes/  

Kisetsu Autumn was designed to heal your skin and body from the heat and ravages of Tokyo summer.  As usually, CHI spa offers a true healing experience with body scrub, body wrap and a revitalizing body massage.

As you would expect – the scent of brown sugar and honey is omnipresent throughout and it offers a hydrating and relaxing effect on the skin and mood.  It is designed to add moisture, brighten skin tone, relieve stress and aid in sleep (maybe not but Miss Spaist fell asleep because my therapist was that good!).

You can never go wrong with the house special and Kisetsu was soothing and relaxing.  Upper body stretching and warm towels all feature in this elaborate treatment. It really was something special and to top it all off, the gift wasn’t a pound cake.  This time you had a choice between a picture frame, CHI brand elemental massage oil and some other stuff.  I went with the massage oil and now my bedroom always smells like CHI spa.  This is a great thing.

You can never go wrong spaing with the trains at Shangri-La Tokyo.





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