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Spaist hits Tokyo: AO spaing at Andaz

(note: my Asiana OZ106 flight didn’t  deplane on time.  Hence, my treatment was forced back an hour and the schedule change definitely affected service levels.)

All spa therapists are, oh, masseurs, facialists, nurses, confidantes, cleaners, and waitresses in a sense.  At AO spa Andaz Tokyo – they add a seventh in apothecary-ists.

They arrange herbs, salts (and fruits depending on treatment) in a stone mortar pestle with visual flair, balancing colour, shape and height. The spa hosts also mix their own aloe and fruit body treatments. It’s a very new experience for someone coming from spas where it is “smell my oil and go”.

AO feels like spaing in the 22nd century.  THAT revolutionary.

Knowing we judge with our eyes first, some spas put everything and the kitchen sink into their lobby.

And then there’s AO Spa.

The AO concept isn’t futuristic in the way of the Starship Enterprise but it boldly goes where no spas have gone before.

The space is a brightly lit, pleasant consult area and decidedly European with its oh-so-French kitchen table, bar stools, quadrangal shaped display cabinets and a never fails black-and-white color scheme.  The pleasant thing is that there’s little focus on commercial spa products.  Just a welcoming table/sit down area where your AO journey begins.

My AO journey that followed was a rocky one.  The room impressed but the therapists did not.

I’m willing to give Ms. McCrory and her staff a wide berth as there were extenuating circumstances this time around.

However,  next time I will not be late (shoutout #asianalatelines) and I know Tokyo Andaz’s AO spa will be ready to deliver the 23rd century,  out of body spaist experience that I believe they are capable of.











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