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Escape from Tokyo? a 3hour Time Ritual at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Spaists are not supposed to play favorites like parents. Each child has their own personality, charms and challenges, etc.

Ditto spas, which have unique properties (chains included) that should be approached without preconception or partiality.  Yeah, right.

Fool me once.  Shame on you.

Fool me twice.  Shame on me.

I feel that way from spaing extensively at the Hyatt Brand’s Park Hyatt spas from Seoul, down to Busan and all the way over to Tokyo.   These children have driven their ‘mother’ insane from going to brilliant, sublime treatments (Tokyo) to downright atrocious (*cough Park Hyatt Seoul). is your classic older child, accomplished and highly competent but complacent from years of success.   It’s a hot mess of all Japan 1st team Spa therapists (generally) with aging, claustrophobic spa facilities.

At the front, nobody waits; customers sign in and go straight to the spa facilities.  You wouldn’t want to wait infront either because there’s only two chairs with a teeny small table.  Minimalist to the extreme and not made for lounging.  The staff are impeccable and very polite but they still seem a bit stiff.  NOT unfriendly but just devoid of warmth and kindness that I’ve seen at other Tokyo spa institutions.

A very competent therapists delivers one of the best treatments I’ve had in my spaist career.

The Time Escape 3 hour ritual, which was my choice of treatment, uses Omorovicza Moor mud for a body scrub, recommended for removing dead skin from your back.  Then, hot stones made of quartz go to work on your neck, back, feet and shoulders.  As if it was something magic, the tension just goes away.  It’s a classical massage treatment and works so well for this spaist who took the first flight out to Tokyo.  The Omorovicza firming oil smells wonderful and feels equally great on the body.   The Hungarian customized facial is programmed according to the condition of your face, to moisturize, rebalance and reinvigorate.  I love when therapists do a long scalp massage when the facial products are doing their work.  After the massage, my therapist escorted me from the treatment room back to the lounge and prepared a pot of tea with fresh strawberries to finish.

Amazing treatment aside, spa on the Park has some serious spaist facility and therapist problems. First is the missing facehole in their treatment bed.  It became very hard to breathe after the second hour being  facedown on an immoveable hard object.  The manager told me this is because Mr. John Morford (architect of numerous Hyatt properties and the Park Hyatt Tokyo) also designed the beds.  I think he should have let the massage and spa experts handle the spa furniture because that ruined a fabulous treatment.   The couple room is a tight fit for 4 people and 2 massage beds.  The one person treatment room feels even smaller.  It looks like an Art Deco designed version of Frankenstein’s lab with a weird hose/machine right infront of my eyes.

Inside, the visuals leave a lot to be desired.  If you want a decor and spa accessories that bring just as much joy as the treatment then stop from coming to the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  Nothing is an aesthetic feast here with bare hallways and still looking like the 1990s landmark office tower establishment that Vange and Morford built.  Not a nick is visible, not a string hangs off a towel but nothing else hangs either.

The second problem came from my delightful therapist.   She did a perfect treatment, even with the facehole problem, then tried to sell me products from my treatment.  This happened twice and to my partner as well.  We both ended up coming back to the Park Suite with separate Omorovicza shopping bags.  In a lesser developed city and country than Tokyo, Japan but peddling at the Park?  Park Hyatt Tokyo: why spoil a fabulous treatment by presenting me with a product pamphlet and checklist (that’s in Japanese only, to boot)?

Maybe it’s time this mature first child updated her wardrobe with a little color, stopped asking Mom for pocket change and got a proper bed.  I love spa on the Park but she lets me down time and again.





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