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Body brushing: a how-to for my readers and hotels

This is something that I really enjoy but so far no Korean spa has gotten right. Here’s a little education for all five star spas here in Korea.

What is body brushing?

Let the wonderful folks at Harper’s Bazaar explain:

Dry Body Brushing “It helps with lymphatic drainage, detoxification, exfoliation, as well as more energy!” says Kumai, who adds that she’s always been a fan of the circulation boosting skin treatment. “I love that my body brush helps me have a smooth bum and a healthy complexion, naturally—and it makes me feel more energized, too.”



All the places Miss Spaist has gone to have brushed AWAY from my heart.

This is a big faux pas with body brushing and you might as well just throw money away.  Brushing away from the heart doesn’t do anything for exfoliation and lymphatic drainage.  My favorite spa on Namsan acknowledged their mistake and agreed to make amends.  The Dongdaemun design spa will also do the same.

I can’t stress how vital it is for therapists to pay attention and follow the simple diagram.   Even brushing your hair goes in a specific direction so something as important as lymphatic drainage needs to be done right.

Miss Spaist

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