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Spa-ing at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Tokyo, sometimes I just don’t get you. You’re worldly and cool and yet, understated and non-descript. Club at the park is just like that at Shinjuku’s Park Hyatt Tokyo. There’s no lobby or waiting lounge to talk about. Just a front desk and in you go.

I understand the simplicity as it’s for people in the know. The club at the Park is exclusive to hotel guests, club members with non guests and members able to experience it through the Siesta package. Food and a spa adventure in one.

This is an aging facility and high concept with an early 90s decor. The chairs, waiting and relaxation rooms are pristine but harken back to a different time. I really love the Hollywood mirrors with lights all around. They’re even more photogenic in person!

The views around Shinjuku still sparkle at night. Mt. Fuji can be seen as you freshen up too. But, I’m not here to lounge about and just sit there. There’s some serious spa-ing to be done!



The front staff are polite, business like and a bit too serious. They try their best to remove the formality and treat you right but still a bit distant.

Set your sights on the enchanting Tokyo Journeys program for 100 mins. Forget what you might have experienced before for a facial + body massage combo. Forget, also, what it costs because you’re going to leave a little bit lighter in the wallet. Sit back and enjoy your pampering at the Park.

If you like familiarity and comfort, this is the place for you and that’s not a put-down at all. Unlike some spas, they only use two product lines (besides their in-house aromatherapy oil blends) in Hungary’s Omorovicza and France’s professional spa grade Collin products.


Here’s what I tried on my first visit: the Tokyo Journey program with an Omorovicza led body massage and a stimuating alternating hot and cold quartz stone massage. My therapist, Chiaru, really worked out the tension in my neck and shoulders from the flight to Tokyo. The hot and cold stones are a party on the face: “hot” was an arrangement of sensations from a delicate burning (not in a bad way), relaxation then and to pure bliss; “cold” was a revival, cooling and gave me a plumpness when finished.

I definitely got the royal treatment, as far as the treatment and effort given. Chiaru washed her hands but SO gently and quietly as to not disturb my session.

I just felt let down as both times my therapists tried to sell me products in the post-treatment room.  That time is supposed to be my pensive, decompression time not a sales meeting.   This is a culture that prides itself on notions of service, omotenashi and no tipping as the best job should be done without reward.



Club at the Park. I like you but I don’t really get you.

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