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Best in Tokyo? Maybe…Aman Tokyo Spaing

There was no better spa to spend a Tokyo afternoon than Ritz Carlton Tokyo’s spa until I met Aman Tokyo again.  Sorry Ritz Carlton but I met someone new and will be leaving you…maybe, probably forever.   Miss Spaist last came to this Aman spa during their opening period in February 2014.  I remember coming away dissatisfied because of an uneven, disappointing treatment. This time was very, very different.
As a spa enthusiast and lover, Aman Tokyo’s spa has EVERYTHING a lady could want – good lighting, chem-free products, spacious (claustrophobic is a word for many other Tokyo spas), Pilates (!), localized and the exotic (cosmetic acupuncture, Tibetan inspired, etc) for treatments, an amazing cityscape swimming pool and some of the top therapists in the city.   Everything I imagined, everything I was hoping for, and everything I could want in spa – city or resort.  It’s clear that the Aman powers-that-be put a lot of thought into this spa for the new wave of Aman wellness centers they would like to build.

I was greeted warmly at the gorgeous lobby and brought to a stunning sitting area, where I filled in the standard spa body checklist and disclosure form for my 150 minute Aman Tokyo spa journeys treatment.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.04.29 PM


Not long after, a very smiley and sweet attendant led me to my treatment room (pictured below) for the customary foot ritual.  The Aman Tokyo spa brochure describes it as “an act of service and care at its most humble”.  As a sign of things to come, the therapist soaked and scrubbed my feet then applied a short acupressure to these tired soles.  I knew I was in for good things to come!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.51.00 PM

Just gorgeous during the daytime.

I had been in the two bed, enormous couples suite (during PM) for my first visit so it was glad to be given a different kind of room.  Did not disappoint.  The room was kind of like…a high end ryokan room with Aman sensibilities?  Simple, clean but elegant like the Aman brand projects.  Wood really does provide a warming welcome feeling and their treatment rooms make all of their competitors’ rooms look ordinary or just downright dated.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.51.33 PM

It’s sooo Zen like with the little Bonzai tree

The massage therapist took the time to ask if there were any areas I wanted to focus on, since it was noted that I have some shoulder and neck issues, and she also explained that she was going to some lymphatic massage too (because I really enjoy that!), which was noted in my Amanjunkie profile.  She had a very soothing voice and touch.  I only remember being gently woken up to wash Japanese kuromoji powder and clay scrub off and then falling back to sleep again.  Note to self: just do a body treatment so I can sleep the full time!

Once my treatment was finished, my attendant took me to their gorgeous sitting area to enjoy cup of green tea and assorted seasonal fruits with the sunset.  You’re more than welcome to use their spa facilities, swimming pool too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.23.01 PM

Something borrowed because I didn’t bring my phone – the views!!

The bill was a significant chunk of my Tokyo spaing budget but this time totally worthwhile!  The facilities, attention to detail, treatment quality and everything makes me want to come back again.  You can just lose yourself here and you know the worst part?  Having to call a taxi and go back to my hotel.  Hello new Tokyo spa home 🙂

Best afternoon tea set…ever – Aman Tokyo’s Lounge

Aman Tokyo’s Black fashion oriented afternoon tea is a feast for the senses.   The striking handcrafted Japanese black bamboo trays houses Tokyo’s best tea set.

Starting with an amuse bouche (edamame mousse and tomato jelly), then an interesting take on the traditional sandwiches with a lemon dill egg with asparagus and charcoal bun roast beef composition, and a generous amount of pastries, including seasonal melon and pumpkin tarts and a Kyoho globe grape chou.  You can have them remove the adzuki beans from the top of the very buttery and symmetrical green tea scones.  They were gracious enough to bring me plain green tea scones on the side.

The real stars of the afternoon are the high heel and handbag chocolates.  62% Brazilian cacao heel with lime and caramel filling.  The delicate and precision crafting.  Look at the ornament on the top of the shoe and the delicate shoe straps.   The handbag (with handles) is a dark chocolate masterpiece housing fresh cream with top grade fresh berries.   The chocolate hat with mint jellies is well-crafted as well but its handbags and shoes that elicit the greatest sugois and kawaiis from Tokyo’s finest.   All are simply out of this world!  Hats off to master Patissier Miyagawa-san for creating Tokyo’s most wanted oba-san tea set.

All of this went well with a delicious warm cappuccino and Lite and Late Ceylon black tea.  They also have a selection of non-alcoholic seasonal cocktails that you can add on for ¥1200.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.33.24 AM.png


The service at the Lounge is a bit of letdown, the staff aren’t always paying attention and flagging them down takes multiple looks and waves.  They did fulfill my special request about the adzuki bean toppers but lose marks for not being so attentive when we needed a hot water refill.

Aman’s lounge is in a beautifully constructed, but sprawling lobby lounge/bar area.   Don’t expect to just walk-in and have tea.  These slots usually get fully booked up by the ladies who lunch WELL in advance so I recommend doing this as soon as you make your hotel booking or before your Tokyo trip.


Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.36.01 AM.png

¥10000 ++ well spent

Giving up on spaing in Seoul and making a resolution!



I’ve pretty much given up on spaing in Seoul.  The best place (Park Hyatt) is ALWAYS, ALWAYS booked by Park club members.  How many times I’ve (and failed) to get a weekend time there.   Miss Spaist doesn’t do waiting lists 🙂

Grand Hyatt is on the decline.  They’ve become a treatment mill.  Churn ’em in and out…

Four Seasons Seoul. Never going back until housecleaning happens.

Le Meridien Seoul doesn’t have a .pdf menu (how do you not have a PDF menu in this day and age?) and asks for guests to leave a credit card reservation.  This was one of the many failures the new SPG flagship hotel demonstrated to Miss Spaist on their opening weekend.  Didn’t make it through our stay there.

Conrad, JW Marriott – mediocre products and facilities.  They’re on OTA booking sites for a reason.

With all that said, I’ve resolved to have a spa booking once a month in my favorite spa city of all time – Tokyo!


– Ritz Carlton Tokyo spa

– Andaz Tokyo’s AO Spa

– Aman Tokyo



Ritz Carlton Tokyo spa: the best way to spend a rainy afternoon

In my opinion, there is no better place in Tokyo to indulge a rainy Fall afternoon than at the spa in The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.  Truly an urban oasis with all kinds of baths, the requisite scenic views of Tokyo tower and opulence in every sense of the word.   Fluffiest spa towels I’ve ever had and they don’t skimp on them either in the treatment rooms.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.50.08 PM.png

The treatment rooms are a sensory experience, with the Japanese washi paper designs throughout the room, soothing ambient music that lulls you to sleep, dim relaxing lighting that aids in said sleep, and finally a therapist so refined in the massage and facial arts that the first and last thing you see is her face when you wake up from your very expensive slumber.

I was running late and didn’t have time to peruse the entire spa menu so I missed the Sodashi part.  I adore Sodashi and their chem free treatments.  The thermal mask facial is a particular favorite and I’m sad to have not seen it.  I was semi-running all the way from the taxi cab from a nail trip in Ginza and actually arrived 10 minutes.  Oops.

The most disappointing thing was to come home from the facial/body treatment and have two things happen from the treatment 1) the after smell from the ESPA oil is really bad.  It has a nauseating smell when it stays on the body 2) break outs in certain spots from the ESPA facial.  I really dislike ESPA but I rush chose the 90 min facial, body combo and that’s on me.  Grrr.

SODASHI and Sodashi only if spaing at Ritz Carlton Tokyo!  Also, come 1.5 hours early so you can enjoy the spa facilities BEFORE your treatment.  I just got to see them after I was done and it really was a pity.:((





Help for 1LT Katie Ann Blanchard!  

Absolutely disgusting how the US Army has treated this woman!  She’s one of their own and they let a psycho burn her with gasoline and stab her with a razor blade???!!  

She was only doing her job and got viciously assaulted by a psycho coworker,  who, definitely had it out for her.  For all the talk about SHARP and harassment prevention – this seems like a major failure on her command and the Army. 

 Give her the benefits she needs to take care of herself with these injuries.  

Stop guilt shaming her with threats to her medical retirement.
I hope my few readers will repost or share this with others.  Hope her Congressional Rep or Senator will help her get the funding for the horrific injuries sustained in the line of duty!! 

Fat shaming in the spa: Four Seasons Seoul

It’s not what she said but the way she said it. 

I know the therapist sees lithe and fit twentysomethings or Seoul ajummas in a “famous” spa like the spa at Four Seasons Seoul.  I’m not that way anymore with a deskbound job and tons of stress. Spas are supposed to be my happytime but this one time in Gwanghwamun.. 
I get we have to stick up for our staff but she shouldn’t tell me I’m swollen and fatigued.  They didn’t feel like the “gentle comments” that the general manager of Four Seasons Seoul claims. 

AT LEAST preface it by saying something encouraging.  “I see you have some swelling so I’m going to do some super duper technique to reduce it”


“I can feel you’re fatigued from. the work week so just relax because you’re in good hands.” 
Better yet,  say nothing!!! 

Koreans have a way of being very blunt. about things and it can rub people the wrong way.  I guess I’m more Western in that way. 



Rant over.  

Uber: How low can it go?

I used to actually like Uber but just deleted it from my iPhone.

I remember being disgusted when I heard they came to Seoul, South Korea for a business trip and visited the infamous Gangnam room salons (read: young women of the night).  I guess this can be part of business boys being boys but the part that made me sick was they forced a female executive to go along with them.

It’s nice that Korean taxis have gotten so much better that I don’t have to give Mr. Kalanick any money anymore!



Uber: how low can it go?